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 Kedamono Clan

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PostSubject: Kedamono Clan   Sun May 17, 2009 3:49 pm

Name: Kedamono

Kekkei genkai: Elemental Beast Transformation (Signature silver beast chakra/ability to talk to animals)

Clan history: The Kedamono clan were once shunned their beast-like nature. People thought that they had no self control over themselves and that they'd would lead to the downfall of their village. The Kedamono clan was turned away from every village they traveled to. Even if they tried explaining that they can completely control the beast inside of them. They traveled the world looking for places to stay and every village they came to refused to let them stay once they learned about their abilities. Then they came upon Iwagakure. All of Iwagakure accepted them with open arms. Having finally found a place to live the clan members were also mad at the villages that turned them away. From the moment they pledged their allegiance to the Tsuchikage they also made a pledge to destroy any person or village that messed with their new home.

Since they no longer had to travel from place to place the Kedamono clan began to train and create new jutsus some more fierce than others. The clan began to master the transformations that made them so infamous. With fear of being cast out from the village the clan leaders began to put limits on who can learn the transformations and what level they have to be. Genin can only know the first transformation. The first transformation is a C ranked. The first transformation can only use jutsu that are of a lower or same rank (Also true with other transformations.)

Chuunin can learn the second transformation and the third transformation. Jounin can learn the ultra transformation. There is a percentage of which the beast can take over them. The normal untransformed person is only 15/100 percent beast. In that state they have elongated canines, sharper teeth, long nails, and heightened senses. First transformation they are only 35/100 percent beast. During transformation 2 they are 50/100 percent beast. During the first two stages they have complete and total control over themselves but as they enter the third and ultra transformations they can hardly control themselves. Third transformation beast control is 80/100 percent. Lastly the Ultra transformation is 95/100 cent beast control. At that state they can hardly control themselves and go on a killing spree. The transformations can be a great way to gain a power boost during battles, but there's a downside. Whenever a member of this clan learns a new transformation they will get characteristics of that transformation in their human form. (For example nails, teeth, new senses.) They can hide these things though, so if a clan memeber gets wings from a transformation they learn they can hide those wings and make them appear when needed.

Native village: Iwagakure

Clan's enemy: Villages enemy

Clan alliances: -

Clan symbol:

Clan weapon: None

Clan Leader: Zetsumei Kedamono
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PostSubject: Re: Kedamono Clan   Sun May 17, 2009 3:50 pm

approved Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Kedamono Clan   Sun May 17, 2009 3:53 pm

nice clan.....
Hope Uchiha and Kedamono can be allies sometime...
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PostSubject: Re: Kedamono Clan   

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Kedamono Clan
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