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 Violeta Tori Itami

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PostSubject: Violeta Tori Itami   Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:16 pm


Name: Violeta Tori Itami

Effect: It allows user to see a lot better than Sharingan. The reflex increase is tremedous. This is special and unique so it will train for 5 pages. To earn its ability, if page limit is not high enough, increase it. It also allows Higher level copying. Like fighting styles like Hyuuga can be copied, just not their kekkei genkai jutsus ike Byakugan.
Looks:If anybody didn't know, you can have a different look to your custom sharingan.

Rank: S rank(Kage)

Usage: 2 times a use/30 post cool down/ 9 posts.

Requirments:(I need requirements for it)
-Must have KirakiriTori Created.
-Must be able to control Kiratan.
-Must not have curse mark.

Upper right is mangekyou
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Violeta Tori Itami
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