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Towashin Shinkutsuki

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PostSubject: ShinkuTsuki   Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:18 am


Kekkei Genkai:Cjinutoi (Its a whole black eye with a crimson red moon surrounding the pupil this eye can manipulate atoms and on a a solar eclispe day the eye powers down on a lunar eclispe it powers up)

Clan history:The shinkutsuki clan was made by towashin's grandfather Mikihoshi kishimoto who bared a child in a female from the rain country which was agaisnt the rules he went by this clan was then made when there only son bared a child with a female and so on and so fourth. When towashin father was born yrs later he had towashin as a son but the father sensed evil in his blood and gave towashin away but after that the clan was being attack by konoha (lucky for towashin he wasn't in this mess) and only 10 or few people got killed in the clan and in konoha after that battle the whole clan scattered never to be seen until the fullmoonw of the eclispes

Native village:Konoha

Clan's enemy: flash clan (hope your alright with this

Clan alliances: none yet

Clan symbol:

Clan weapon: This clan will always carry 3 black blade katana's as tall as they are

Clan Leader:Towashin grandfather
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Cut Kurotsuchi
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