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 Kurotsuchi Clan

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Cut Kurotsuchi
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PostSubject: Kurotsuchi Clan   Wed May 20, 2009 9:31 am

Name:Kurotsuchi Meaning: Black Soil

Kekkei Genkai:Abilities: Poison Manipulation, the ninja can change the properties of the liquids around them into poison for various uses, Scorpion summoning.

Neural Toxin - This poison is gold in color and when used it causes the body of those affected to have serious and often jarring spasms. This poison must enter the blood stream through inhalation or other method. When affected by this poison it is hard to perform jutsu and accuracy falls by 20%. Must train for 8 days to make this poison.

Paralyzing Poison - This poison is bright yellow in color and has the ability to paralyze the opponent and if not carefully used - the clan member as well. This poison, depending on the amount administered, can lock an opponent in place for one to five posts. For one post only a few ounces of poison are needed, but for five a full gourd of this liquid poison is required, meaning a miss could be deadly. Must train for 3 days to make this poison.

Acidic Poison - This poison is neon green in color and just as its name suggests this poison has an acidic property and though it is slow in it corrosive nature it can devour almost anything. This poison will cause immense pain if it is left on the skin for too long and can devour an entire body in ten posts, if completely coated. When using this poison the clan member must be careful as the acidic nature knows not friend or foe. Must train for 10 days to make this poison

Parasitic Poison - This poison is purple in color and is thick in its liquid state it is also quite sticky and extremely effective, given its purpose. Whenever utilized it must touch the skin of the opponent in order for its ability to work its magic. This toxin drains the stamina of an opponent, and though this is the same ability as the poison used by others this one can draw it directly through the skin requiring no cut or injury for stamina consumption. But if the opponent has a serious open wound and this poison hits that spot stamina consumption will go up by 50%. Must train for for 8 days to make this poison.

Phantasm Poison - This poison has a milky white color and creates illusions within the individual struck. These illusions are brought on by the individuals subconscious and can wreak serious havoc on the mind causing serious mental stress. In rare cases, comas have been known to occur. Must train for 5 days to make this poison.

Infectious Poison - This poison is blue in color and causes an illness that makes anyone that ingests it extremely sick and incapable of effective battle maneuvers and coherent thought. This can also cause hallucinations brought on by the sickened state, vomiting and other side affects may occur when affected by this toxin. Must train for 15 days to make this poison.

Blinding Poison - This poison is black in color and is designed to make the opponent easier to attack. When using this poison the individual must get it into the opponents eyes in order for the effects to take hold. This blinding effect last for a number of posts depending on the amount used. One post is equivalent to a few ounces, and five posts would consist of the entire gourd of liquid. Must train for 3 days to make this poison.

Blood thinning Poison - This poison is surprisingly red in color and has the consistency of blood. And yet when used it thins the blood of the opponent making them leak blood from their wounds at an alarming rate. If blood replenishing pills are used it will slow the poisons effects but not eliminate it. Must train for 10 days to make this poison.

Numbing Agent - This poison is brown in color and has a numbing-like affect on the opponent, and though they begin to lose the ability to use their limbs for reasons known only to the ninjas of this clan the poison doesn’t affect the pain receptors of the brain, making this a very loved and loathed kind of poison. Must train for 8 days to make this poison.

Pain Increasing Poison - This poison is orange in color and has the consistency of a slushy. This, like most other poisons, must enter the blood stream for the effects to be felt. When all conditions are met it lowers the brains and bodies tolerance of pain by a considerable amount, the more poison used the more it will lower until the individual can’t even move without feeling intense pain. Each ounce of this liquid increases the pain felt by 1% and the entire gourd would be 100% so if the entire gourd was forced into an opponent they wouldn’t be able to move, let alone fight. Must train for 20 days to make this poison.

Flesh Rending Poison - This toxin is a hallucinogen, and can only be delivered in aerosol form. The color of this poison in its liquid form is a midnight blue and when it is inhaled it causes the user to believe that their skin is being clawed by an invisible enemy. This poison creates a painful sensation that coincides with the marks that are perceived on the body. Must train for 10 days to make this poison.

Body Destruction Poison - This poison is odorless and colorless and when entering the body either through inhalation, ingestion or through the pores (must be on the skin for two whole posts!) this poison causes several chakra boils to dot the individuals skin. These boils and blisters are filled with a toxic chakra that the poison creates when in contact with living tissue. These blisters release toxin into the bloodstream that cause the individual affected to have several symptoms, which are:
-Redness/Peeling of the skin
-Difficulty breathing
-Intense heat/burning sensation
-Extreme Sensitivity to light
-Note: This is the only poison with more than one effect, and it is considered to be the upper echelon in the clans poison creation/manipulation abilities. Must train for 25 days at level 25 or above to make this poison.

Silver Nightmare - This poison is silver in color so it camouflages on steel weaponry very well. Its ability though is where this poison sets itself apart from others. It increases the weight of those whose bloodstream it enters. The weight of the opponent is multiplied by .5 for every ounce that enters the bloodstream. This can eventually make it so the opponent is stationary. Requires 10 days of training.

Death Swirl - The color of this poison is a black and gold swirl and no matter how much it is stirred the two colors will always revert back to a swirl pattern. This venomous liquid will cause the chakra within an individual to slow to the pace of a snail, this in turn causes the individual to have to pump out excess chakra to fuel their techniques making them tire quicker than normal, causing jutsu to use up double stamina. Requires 10 days of training.

Rotting Corpse - This poison is peach in color and can only be utilized in mist form. When inhaled by the opponent will see their skin begin to crack and peel. Next they will see it fall off until it gets to the muscles and then the bones, this process works its magic on the brain creating a mind numbing pain sensation. This poison is a hallucinogen and while nothing is really happening the pain they are sensing is a real affect brought on by the poison. Requires 10 days of training.

Clan history:It is the Kurotsuchi that believe that they were the first and true puppet masters and that no other puppeteer can stand up to their might and ferocity. Several years ago the leader of the Kurotsuchi, a man by the name of Kokai wished to bring honor to his clan by fighting in The Lost Civil War. Kokai gathered all the members of the Kurotsuchi and brought them to battle field, but when it became time to fight, Kokai switched sides thinking that the Rai, among others, would lose, but it was he who lost all of the members of his clan and the title as the leader of the Kurotsuchi. Kokai felt that the Rai were to blame for this, but in truth it was his own greed. He had plotted months beforehand to try and become the supreme ruler of the puppet world after Monzaemon’s death and his clan paid the ultimate price. Kokai was consumed by grief, and many years later took a wife and had a son to which he passed on this hatred.

The boys name was Kurotsuchi Seiji. Seiji was a new breed of Kurotsuchi combining his mastery of puppets with the lethality of poison, a trait obviously passed from his mothers genes. Seiji met a woman that was pledged to marry another and they had an affair before her wedding. She had three children by him and when her husband found out he had her killed and was going to do the same to the children, but Seiji managed to get there in time to save them. Seiji’s battle was magnificent and he was surprised at the prowess that puppets combined with his Hijutsu could bring to the battlefield. He slaughtered and devastated anyone that even saw him or called for help. When all was said and done the daimyo delivered the final blow taking his own life and leaving Seiji and his children the only left alive in the entire castle.

Seiji fled with his three children and raised them and even told them the story of their mother and the love that they shared. After that, Seiji never traveled or performed shows again. Instead he focused on honing the art of puppet creation, his Hijutsu, and the killing arts. His three children also received his amazing abilities of puppet and poison manipulation, which they used to further the clans reputation. Upon gaining a sizable reputation they learned about the Rai, and Seiji remembered his fathers battle with them and how his father said they had tricked him and brought him to the battle only to slaughter all of his ancestors. Seiji took this as a invitation to destroy the clan that had made his father and ancestors suffer.

These thoughts of hatred span the entire clan and they want nothing to do with the Rai and wish to take them out of the puppeteering world for good. To accomplish this goal the clan has several traditions that they use to maintain their ranks and their supremacy. The most notable of these traditions is that all clan members killed in battle are turned into human puppets for the use of skilled ninja in the village, and to keep them involved in battle long after their death. And though this is frowned upon by other puppeteer clans, this process is accepted amongst the Kurotsuchi Clan and is considered an honor. Only a select few are able to perform the process and they are called Death Dealers. They have extensive training in making sure that the chakra is sustained so that all jutsu are retained by the puppet

Native village: Cloud or smoke

Clan's enemy: none

Clan alliances: none

Clan symbol:a cloud

Clan weapon: puppets

Clan Leader:Me
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PostSubject: Re: Kurotsuchi Clan   Wed May 20, 2009 2:03 pm


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Kurotsuchi Clan
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