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 Kenshiro Kasumi

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PostSubject: Kenshiro Kasumi   Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:21 pm

Name: Kenshiro Kasumi



Name: Kenshiro Kasumi
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Birthday: 7/16
Kekkei Genkai: Hokuto Shinken "Bloodline"
Sexuality: Straight

Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Jounin
Element(s) : Wind
Specialties: Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Weaponry
Special Characteristics:

Hokuto Shinken ~ North Star Divine Fist
Kenshiro is the sole successor of the ancient ultimate assassination martial art known as Hokuto Shinken. As such, he's currently the strongest master of the art which does have major benefits. In addition to using the deadly martial art as an unique way to kill off your opponents no matter who they may be, Kenshiro's mastery over the style grants him nigh-unrivaled Taijutsu prowess, expert medical and human anatomy knowledge, and several superhuman physical capabilities. Hokuto Shinken is an unique part of Kenshiro because it's an art that can only be passed on to one successor, where all other learners must have their fists sealed away. Sub-categories of this characteristic are:

* Peak Human Strength: At base, Kenshiro possess raw strength around what's the possible limit for a normal human. This peak human strength level allows Kenshiro to lift up to 1000 pounds, crush stone/brick walls with punches, and easily knock out an ordinary human/typical ninja through mere blows. While tapping into the power of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro's strength easily ascends to the superhuman level and muliples several times over from there.
* Peak Human Speed: At base, Kenshiro can run at an average of 10 meters per second. As a ninja, he can move up to nigh-transonic speeds. While tapping into the power of Hokuto Shinken, his speed reaches the superhuman level and multiples several times over from there (supersonic+ to hypersonic).
*Superhuman Reactions/Senses: At base, Kenshiro has casual bullet-timer reflexes. Meaning he can react to and dodge attacks/objects moving at supersonic speeds without difficulty. This copes well with his enhanced sense of sight, which allows him to clearly see objects as small as what a bullet would be moving at supersonic speeds and keep track of them. In addition to that, Kenshiro has excellent hearing and an incredible sense of smell comparable to that of a hound. His tongue can instantly detect many types of poisons.
*Superhuman Stamina: Because of his intense training in Hokuto Shinken and control over his body, Kenshiro has greatly superhuman stamina, allowing him to keep on fighting for a couple of days without tiring significantly. His body can remain strong for several days without eating or drinking as well as he can spend a few days without sleeping with little trouble. His capacity and lust for battle copes well with his raw stamina which allows him to recover from wounds much quicker than what it would take for an average human.
*Superhuman Endurance/Durability: As a Hokuto Shinken master, Kenshiro's body resistance is not only a lot tougher but also harder than most humans. Attacks that can cut through low-hard metals such as iron cannot pierce through his body with ease. He can take small explosions and moderate physical impacts without notable injuries. He can also endure poison for much longer than what normal humans can. His body is built for endurance and hand to hand combat, so fighting Kenshiro with just Taijutsu-based or direct solid attacks from the body parts is ineffective, as his body can tank such physical blows, for the most part unless the opponent is at least almost equally as strong or skilled in their art as compared to Kenshiro. He can also burst through some chakra-based attacks without much difficulty depending on the power of the attack.
*Superhuman Accuracy: Kenshiro has exceptional aim and precision which is essential in Hokuto Shinken. Kenshiro has an innate memorization of all the pressure and vital points and their exact location within the human body and is able to hit those points dead-on consecutively to trigger the killing effects.

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 198 lbs
Hair: Very wild and spiky, light black
Eyes: Dark Blue
General Appearance:



RP Sample:

Face Claim: Kenshiro Kasumi from Souten no Ken (Fist of the Blue Sky)




Name: Hokuto Shinken ~ North Star Divine Fist
Rank: S
Description: Hokuto Shinken is a 2000-year old martial art style that mainly acts as a method of assassination. Because of Hokuto Shinken's extremely deadly nature, it's known as the most lethal Taijutsu style and one of the most ancient assassination styles. It's so powerful that the Hokuto Shinken users line is limited to the "one master per generation" rule in which there can only be one successor of the style at a time and everyone else who has learned it must have their fists sealed away somehow to prevent them from using the martial art and the former master who taught it to the new master must renounce their ways in Hokuto Shinken and never use it again or they'll have their memories erased. Hokuto Shinken focuses on the 708 Keiraku Hiko (otherwise known as pressure or power points) and striking them in order to trigger unique effects of the target's body, most notably destroying the body from within, manipulating the body to the user's advantage, or for healing. To press on the power points, one must channel their energy and strength right on the point. Originally, this was done simply by using specific areas such as the fingers to poke into the skin and press the pressure point from there. In some cases, depending on the pressure point, just hitting it with the right energy outpot is not enough. The user may have to hit it multiple times within a specific time interval (usually x amount of times within a second). However, due to the varying hardness of a person's body and pressure points so distant within the body that they can't be reached or known, recent Hokuto Shinken successors have combined chakra from Ninjutsu into their Taijutsu style for the best (and devastating) results. The chakra must be elemental and the main affinity of whoever is using Hokuto Shinken to press on the pressure points. This manipulate effects on the body (that most people in the world are completely unaware of) in various ways that make Hokuto Shinken constantly perfecting into a better style. Also, users of the style must have an exceptionally strong body to utilize Hokuto Shinken, which is why they must learn how to utilize all 100% of their body's strength instead of 30%. Practitioners must also learn how to utilize toki. Successors of this art must have supreme accuracy, speed, and body control. They need to memorize the exact locations of the Keiraku Hiko and use attack speed to activate those points. As such, a user must excel in Taijutsu and medical ninjutsu. Despite Hokuto Shinken's secrecy and rarity, it's a rather known style to the top authorities of the village a successor has loyalties to or whoever travels/wanders alot and happens to hear information about it.

Name: Rocky Mountain Splitting Wave
Rank: C
Description: Ganzan Ryohan Ha is a Taijutsu technique utilized by Kenshiro. It's a straightforward technique of the Hokuto style, as Kenshiro simply delivers a hand-chop on the top of the target's head, crushing their skull and considerably distorting the shape of their head.

Name: Big Dipper Remorse Fist
Rank: B
Description: Zankai Ken is a Hokuto Shinken technique utilized by Kenshiro. Kenshiro strikes the four Shigo pressure points which is located in the forehead at the same time and holds it there for two seconds. The opponent will then have three posts to live before their head explodes from within. During this time interval, the victim has the chance of feeling some remorse for their sins.

Name: Big Dipper Steel Muscle Cutting Kick
Rank: B
Description: Gokin Bundan Kyaku is a Hokuto Shinken technique utilized by Kenshiro. Kenshiro will strike the Kyosei pressure points located below the target's elbow area three times within a second which will cause the muscles to contract a little and weaken.

Name: Big Dipper Eight Agonies Nine Breaks
Rank: A
Description: Hachimon Kudan is a Hokuto Shinken technique utilized by Kenshiro. Kenshiro will strike the Kokketsu pressure point between the opponent's eyes and three seconds later, they'll experience eight different sensations of the most excruciating pain their body can take with one minute intervals between each. After that, the pain recedes. It can be negated while the pain is active by pressing very hard on the temples or the Kokketsu again.

Name: Big Dipper Hundred Crack Fist
Rank: A
Description: Hyakurest Ken is a Hokuto SHinken technique utilized by Kenshiro. While tapping into the internal power of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro will deliver about seven hundred punches to all of the opponent's 708 pressure points within the body at rapid speed (46 punches per second), causing the body to completely explode from within.

Name: Bone Crushing Fist
Rank: A
Description: Kaikotsu Ken is a Hokuto Shinken technique characterized by Kenshiro using two fingers to strike the Dankyochūketsu pressure point on the forehead, causing the skeleton within the opponent's body to break, leading to a gruesome death of violent internal bleeding.

Name: Neck Twisting Face Breaking Fist
Rank: B
Description: Koshu Hagan Ken is a Hokuto Shinken technique that strikes the Hyakkai pressure point on the nose six times, which causes the head to split in half.

Name: Two Finger Nil-Space Grasp
Rank: C
Description: Nishi Shinku Ha is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro catches a projectile with his two fingers and then deflects it back with supreme accuracy, leading to the loss of an important body part of whoever threw the object.

Name: Cutting Bone and Tendon
Rank: B
Description: Dan Kotsukin is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Meimon pressure point two times within a second on the biceps area and the victim's muscles will explode.

Name: Years of Truth Revelation
Rank: C
Description: Toshishin Bakuro is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Jogaku pressure point at the gum area of the teeth in the upper jaw. A useful interrogation technique, this causes the victim to reveal any and all they know about what Kenshiro tells them to reveal. It can be negated by striking the pressure point again.

Name: Big Dipper Sattva Fierce Flying Smash
Rank: S
Description: Ujo Mosha Ha is a very powerful Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Jinchukyoku pressure point, one of the most destructive pressure points in the human body, located on the opponent's neck. This causes the opponent's entire body to explode from within three seconds later.

Name: Temple Lively Hole
Rank: S
Description: Kenshiro will aim at the Sekkatsu-ko pressure points three times located on the thigh area which will increase muscle growth, bone density, and blood flow to grant him an incredible strength boost. However, doing this will ultimately shorten his lifespan considerably, usually meaning that Kenshiro will die after use or will remain very weak for some time. Because of the extreme risks of using this technique, it's generally used as a last resort during a final battle against a stronger foe. The power boost lasts for twenty posts. After use, all of Kenshiro's strength will be drained for a week.

Name: Fighting Aura
Rank: B
Description: Toki is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Kenshiro. Kenshiro will release a glowing blue aura from him made of immensely dense physical energy. Emanating from Kenshiro's body, this particular type of physical energy manifests itself in direct view and may flow like chakra. Using his own physical energy, Kenshiro can use the energy from this aura to attack up to long distances without moving or physically touching the opponent. It's an entirely physical attack and cannot be affected by chakra-absroption techniques or the like. To utilize this, Kenshiro would have to consume a moderate amount of chakra and enter a battle state in his mind. Only those that are well-versed in Hokuto Shin Ken and possess a great body structure can utilize this. It's quite versatile in defense and offense.

Name: Art of Dragon's Breathing
Rank: C-S
Description: Tenryu Kokyu Ho is a Hokuto Shinken technique. Kenshiro enters a deep meditative state through controlled breathing, and it allows him to tap into the power of Hokuto Shinken. He can utilize his body's full potential by increasing the amount of body strength he can use up to 100%. This ability is akin to the Hachimon technique, as the Kaimon (release of the first gate) grants the user 100% of their body's strength instead of just 100%. However, this technique doesn't grant the Hokuto Shinken user as much of a chakra boost as the Kaimon does. It multiples Kenshiro's strength to superhuman levels and body capabilities several times. The physical energy released also greatly increases Kenshiro's durability, making his body much harder than steel and a lot tougher as well. Because the expansion of strength is similiar to the release of Kaimon and not much chakra flows out as a result, the Hokuto Shinken practitioner is nowhere near the risk of death and does not face the same consequences as they have control over their body. Use of this technique causes whatever Kenshiro's wearing on his torso to explode. Kenshiro can stay in this state for as long as the battle is going, but after he deactivates it, he'll feel great fatigue.

Name: Thunder Violent God Leg
Rank: C
Description: Raibo Shin Kyakyu is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which one jumps with a large amount of force and leaps around, leaving considerable dents and imprints of their feet on whatever solid surface their feet steps on. The inhuman speed in which Kenshiro moves with this technique can only be seen by those with excellent reactions.

Name: Burden of Regret Walk Fist
Rank: B
Description: Zankai Sekiho Ken is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which the Shitsugen pressure point located right below the nostrils is struck two times which causes the opponent to walk backwards whenever they want to move their legs. Their victim is helpless to stop this backward motion unless they take the easiest way out and simply cut their legs off.

Name: Big Dipper Surprise Attack
Rank: B
Description: Ikkyou Shuurai is a Hokuto Shinken technique utilized when Kenshiro taps into the power of Hokuto Shinken through Tenryu Kokyu Ho. Kenshiro will convert most of whatever additional chakra is released to him while unlocking all body restraints to vitalise his nerves and muscles. While focusing on Tenryu Kokyu Ho, his speed and reactions will greatly increase to the point that he cannot be percieved by the human eye (though this will gradually slow down as the observers prolong the fight with Kenshiro) and can move faster than what the average ninja can see and react. His travel and attack at this most is far beyond breaking the sound barrier and is around the high end supersonic area while his reaction time can detect objects moving at hypersonic speeds.

Name: Water Reflection Spirit
Rank: B
Description: Suieishin is a Hokuto Shinken technique and is one of the most secretive techniques of the style. While tapping onto the power of Hokuto Shinken, it allows Kenshiro to memorize and replicate an opponent's physical hand to hand fighting style or martial art specialty. This allows Kenshiro to virtually learn any martial art style and depending on how experienced and masterful the one being replicated is, Kenshiro can also "see through" the style and discover the weaknesses behind the special techniques of said style. Of course, there are limitations to this. Since it's mainly based on Kenshiro's sight, if the opponent's style is too fast that his eyes simply cannot percieve it, then Kenshiro cannot replicate it. if Kenshiro does not meet the requirements for the style such as the raw strength necessary to carry it out, then he cannot copy it. The longer the opponent uses the style, then the more Kenshiro can understand it. This is most effective against just pure physical-based martial art and a lack of trickery or secret behind it. While using this technique, Kenshiro can also detect if he's under a genjutsu or not as if he cannot at all observe the person who he's using the technique on, then that person is an illusion.

Name: Sobering Sharp Hole
Rank: A
Description: Seioi Ko is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro presses the Ryugan pressure point six times in less than a second located in the middle of the chest. The Ryugan causes the body's pain reception to be extremely sensitive as if the body is just a mass of exposed nerves. This would mean that the slighest touch on the victim will cause extreme pain.

Name: Meteorite Face Breaker
Rank: B
Description: Ryusei Hagan Bureka is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro uses brute force in his strikes to considerable distort or actually split off the face of an opponent. Contact with such an attack would at least mean severe concussions and skull/brain damage, causing the opponent to pass out or die a few moments later.

Name: Dragon Attacks Tiger
Rank: A
Description: Ryu Geki Ko is a highly advanced Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Teishin pressure point located at the top of the head two times within a second, putting the victim in either a coma or false state of death. While in a comatose state, they'll regain their senses within a few months or when Kenshiro strikes the Teishin again. While in a false state of death, the heart will stop beating and there'll be no pulse but brain activity will still be ongoing at minimum where most sensors or detectors will not be able to pick up the signals for brain activity. In this state, the only way for the victim to regain their senses is if Kenshiro strikes the Teishin again or simply puts massive effort into amplfying the heart and consecutively slapping the opponent's face.

Name: Seven Star Point Spirit
Rank: B
Description: Shichisei Tenshin is a Hokuto SHinken technique in which Kenshiro moves in the pattern of the Big Dipper at extreme speeds, creating several realistic afterimages to confuse the enemy while the real one is the only one that can actually touch the victim and the victim feeling the touch.

Name: Style Spirit Respiration Art
Rank: C
Description: Choki Kokyo Jutsu is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Zanha pressure points on the sides of his neck to modify his respiratory system so he does not have to breath for 16 posts, enabling a state of great concentration. It can only be struck once per day and if struck again within a day's span, the user will choke to death.

Name: Antidote Technique
Rank: B
Description: Gedokujutsu is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Anbakuko pressure point located right next to the heart in order to enhance the body's protection against poison, venom, toxins, and dangerous chemical/foreign substances that harm the body and focuses toki into the body to destroy and eliminate the substance. Constant usage will result in a fair drain of stamina and strength.

Name: Big Dipper Ice Fist
Rank: B
Description: Hokuto Koori Ken is a Hokuto Shinken techniqeu in which Kenshiro strikes the nine Kisha pressure points all on the opponent's legs, arms, and chest within a second. This causes the body to be immobilized and the victim will feel as if their entire body has gone cold and hard as stone. It also makes the body feel numb so they can't feel much pain. The body will be paralyzed for a few minutes (4 posts) to several days.

Name: Restful Sleep Peace Hand
Rank: C
Description: Heion Nemuriitsu Te is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Shinfukumen pressure point four times on the opponent's forehead which knocks them out and puts them in a peaceful state of sleep, giving a tranquilizer effect. The opponent will come to within a few days at most.

Name: Heart Cripple Removal Fist
Rank: A
Description: Kokoro Fuguisou Ken is a Hokuto Shinken techniqeu in which Kenshiro strikes the Gekishinko pressure point on the heart. Five posts later, the victim's heart will violently explode from within.

Name: Memorial Knowledge Hold
Rank: B
Description: Kenpaku Chiken Haji is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Boshin pressure point located on the temples to restore all of the memories the target has lost or to give them a full view of all memories that they find hard to remember.

Name: God Punishment Fist
Rank: A
Description: Kami Bachiken is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Gakuchu pressure point in the middle of the victim's forehead which causes the head to explode. First, the head will cave in. Second, the head will distort and move about in all manners including expanding in all parts one by one unsightfully. Finally, the head will start to rip itself apart and it'll explode.

Name: A Thousand Years of Suffering
Rank: A
Description: Sennen Junan is a Hokuto Shinken technique in which Kenshiro strikes the Zencho pressure point ten times within a second in the opponent's lungs to disable the opponent from exhaling. This will make it so that the only thing the opponent can do is inhale, causing a rapid build-up of air within the body and when the lungs can't hold any more, the opponent will die from suffocation. If the opponent does somehow break the prevention of exhaling through some means, that every breath that they exhale will be accompanied with extreme pain in the chest.

Name: Point of Life
Rank: B-A
Description: Ten no Myou is a Hokuto Shinken technique that strikes the various Aketsushu pressure points of life in order to heal the body. This can cure minor poisons and toxins as well as major ailments, illnesses, and diseases (such as cancer).

Name: Will of Spirit
Rank: A
Description: Seiiyoku is a Hokuto Shinken technique that can only be learned by few successors. Those who can utilize this must have mastery over toki and must be extremely strong in spirit/soul (most often accomplished through experience and emotional urges). This technique is done unconsciously as a final defense. Whenever Kenshiro is unable to fight such as being knocked out, in a coma, being incapicitated while still being very much alive, or asleep and danger is approaching him, Kenshiro's internal senses will kick in and (if he's still capable of using toki) his spirit will fight for him even if he consciously cannot. The spirit will be able to utilize all of Kenshiro for battle though actual usage of Hokuto Shinken through pressure points rarely happens as it's inaccurate without Kenshiro's consciousness and depends on pure luck. When Kenshiro regains his senses, all that happened while in this subconscious state is a blur.


Name: Thrusts of Death
Rank: D-S
Description: Shitsuppari is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. Kenshiro channels wind chakra to his fingers for refinement in strength and reach of his fingers instead of cutting ability and sharpness. Using the elemental chakra, he can easily press on pressure points once he presses on the area of skin on the body that they're near. Depending on the effect of the pressure point, the amount of wind chakra needed to be able to press on a specific pressure point varies. Instead of relying on the Hokuto Shinken style, Kenshiro can also just use the technique for cutting through layers of steel, concrete, and solid rock.

Name: Transformation Technique
Rank: E
Description: Using chakra, the user can change their physical appearance.

Name: Body Flicker Technique
Rank: D
Description: Kenshiro can speed himself up using chakra to vitalise his body, allowing him to "flicker" to places.

Name: Kai Release
Rank: D
Description: Kenshiro uses chakra control over his body to dispel a genjutsu placed on him.

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