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 Adam the Vampire God

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PostSubject: Adam the Vampire God   Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:32 pm

The God of Vampires

Name: Nosferatu Adam (more known as "Adam")
Age: 2114
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Vampire King/"Nosferatu"
Classification: Original Vampire, True Vampire, Pureblood Vampire
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and senses, vampirism, regeneration (high-High), immortality (types 1, 3, and 7), levitation/flight, telekinesis, immunity to illusions, sense manipulation, hypnosis/mind control, mindfuck, and soulfuck, resistance against most vampire weakneses, telepathy, hypnosis, shapeshifting, summoning, elemental manipulation, sound manipulation.
Weaknesses: Very holy (anti-vampire) attacks.
Destructive Capacity: Country Level + (Is Continental-level threat given a month and Planetary-level threat given half a year)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Hypersonic+ (Is easily above Mach 30)
Reaction Time/Reflexes: Hypersonic+ (Mach 15 +)
Durability: City Level + (regeneration makes him very hard to destroy)
Stamina: Vastly superhuman, can vigoriously and constantly fight for three days straight without the need for food, water, or supplies before tiring out. Can take on and amass an entire army restlessly.
Strength: Class 100 (Is extremely strong, can easily rip bodies apart, and lifts huge boulders that are at least 100 tons)
Standard Equipment: Sword of Mars - Grants Adam a huge increase in strength and battle ferocity. Also gives him the ability to freely manipulate any blood spilled, exposed, or touched by the blade to the point that the properties of blood can be changed to a high extent (such as making the blood corrosive or the like)
Intelligence: Is highly intelligent and cunning. Has excellent leadership skills and a high willpower. He can amass a gigantic army within a week and a mind capable of manuevering, adapting, and changing strategies.

Attacks and Techniques:

Elemental Leak: Adam gathers a huge amount of his surrounding elements while generating a massive, super-sound wave all at a focal point. The combined sound energy and air pressure will generate an extremely destructive, long-range blast capable of blowing up an entire country completely. Requires a 35 second charge and Adam himself will be blasted, though not fatally, as well.

Hypnosis: Adam has the ability to control the minds of any living human and animal he comes across.

Wail: Adam can manipulate sound waves to affect one's sense of hearing to unleashing a high supersonic wave from his mouth whenever he wails at his opponent. This wave is capable of reaching several city-blocks and can easily destroy multiple large buildings at once as well.

Summoning: Adam can summon a being that he has made a "bond" with. Akin to a familiar, he can summon his pet ghost or his giant battle bat with him in battle.

Name: Adam
Race: Vampire
Age: 6014
Birthday: October 23rd
Blood Type: A
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color: Black or White
Eye Color: Deep Black or White
Siblings: None
Father: God
Mother: God
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single, Technically "Divorced"
Role: Vampire Lord
Work: Feeding on humans, otherwise conquering/protecting the vampire domain
Hobbies: Cleaning his sword, blood sucking
Addictions: Blood
Favorite Food: Blood
Favorite Color: Scarlet Red
Personality: Adam has a complex and mixed character. He's merciful to his pets and those who are loyal to him, and merciless to his enemies; including those that don't stand in his way but also do not aid him. He's cruel but forgiving. He's cold-hearted and dark natured, but ridiculously fragile against the likes of holiness and pure innocence. As the first man created, he views others as imitations of him and acts much like a brutal tyrant. He truly hates himself for becoming the way it is, a murderer without purpose, future, family, or friends. He regrets the past and wishes to re-live it if he could. He sort of blames all of the evils and negatives in the world on himself.
Fears: Human children chasing him
History: Adam is the first man created by God and the original human. His wife was Eve and they had three children: Cain, Abel, and Seth. Living together in blissful happiness with his family in the Garden of Eden, he was suddenly persuaded to eat an apple from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" by his wife Eve (who was told to do so by Satan/Lucifer in snake form) despite warnings from God. Upon disobeying God's word, he was banished from the Garden of Eden and separated from his wife and children. Carrying God's curse, he lost the only things that he treasured and mattered to him and had to work hard for food for the first time in his life while in a mortal body. Hunting down newborn animals and plants, he finally gave up and waited for his time to end until he reached 930 years old. At that time, Satan directly approached him and offered him salvation. He would give him some of the power of Hell and transform him into an immortal, which in exchange he will be cursed to feeding on the new "replacements" of him, namely the First-Generation humans. Desperate, Adam accepted the Devil's power and was no longer restricted by mortal bounds. He had become a satanic, demonic creature of darkness. Angered, God cursed Adam to earth and left him to suffer even more. Over several millenia, Adam fed on the life essence (their blood) of the new humans and became stronger day by day. Today, he would be considered the foremost ancestor of all vampires. He has several powers and once amassed an army of thousands of vampire minions but were destroyed by paladins and vampire hunters in the mid 17th century. Now plotting to rise to recognition again with the handful of undead servants he has left, he inhabits the farthest depths of the Woods near Cross Academy.

Shapeshifting: Adam can change his appearance as he likes and by will, including transforming into animal forms, human forms, vampire forms, and abstract forms such as mist or dust.
Vampirism: Can turn non-vampires into apprentice vampires just by biting them and feeding them his blood.
Bloodsucking: Due to extremely long time on sucking blood, Adam has developed an undisputed thirst for human blood. This can make him savage and he immediately pounces on the human, bites them and suffocates them like a snake, then drinks their blood.
Suction: Adam can walk up vertical surfaces despite the texture of the surface.
Flight/Wing Formation: Adam can form large bat-like wings from his back and use them for flight. He can travel at tremendous speeds while in mid-air, able to close distances quickly and escape at the same rate. These wings are also incredibly durable, strong, and is sharp enough to slice through solid steel.
Barriers: Adam can generate force fields around him. These fields only last for two posts and only a maximum of four at a time. These barriers are only as large as the size of his body. They're as hard as iron so they're clearly not unbreakable.
Strength: Adam is incredibly strong, exceeding the standard for vampires. he can punch right through layers of concrete and brick.
Healing: Adam has a regenerative factor that allows him to heal wounds near instantly. The scale of the wound determines the healing potency and rate though. Minor wounds take 4 posts to heal, moderate wounds take 8 posts to heal, and major wounds take 12 posts to heal. Anything exceeding major would be impossible to heal.
Sword of Mars: Adam has an enchanted blade called the Sword of Mars. This blade gives Adam the willpower and determination to fight against all situations. It's nearly indestructible and is extremely sharp. It negates healing powers and the like wherever it cuts.

Has all of the traditional vampire weaknesses except for weakness to garlic, inability to cross water, and inability to enter consecrated grounds without permission.

My only goal is to destory the Senju Clan and unite my clan.
Then gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and become feared as the Dark Raven of Konoha.

Lighting Blade

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Adam the Vampire God
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