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 The Captain (Demon)

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PostSubject: The Captain (Demon)   Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:03 pm

~General Information~
Name: Hans Gunsche
Nickname/Alias: "The Captain"
Weight: 276 lbs
Height: 6'7"
Age: 151
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Late 20s to mid 30s apperance. He has silver hair and red eyes. He's very tall. Internally, the Captain has an immense musculature and a very fit body.
Clothing: He wears a green, full overcoat uniform similiar to a M42 Greatcoat with its neckguard constantly turned up and an M43 officer's cap emblazoned with the Totenkopf symbol.
Personality: The Captain's nature is largely mysterious. He's completely stoic, silent, and does not make a sound out of his mouth at all much less talk. He's not mute, he just has no good reason to speak. A man of honor and nobility, the Captain generally spares anyone not involved in his assignments or just takes pity upon. He follows his orders absolutely like a loyal dog and employs the great qualities of a bodyguard. Deep within, the man is crying his heart out. For being unable to die because of his immunity to aging and superior combat skills, he wishes for his life to end and find a suitable opponent who is strong enough to do so. He is capable of thinking but he has mastered such control over his body that he barely even thinks unless involved in a deathmatch.

Race Description Demon ~ Werewolf Race

Pup Stage:
Werewolf has no enhanced abilities while in human form. Has the usual werewolf traits while in human form. Can only transform during the night of a full moon. Enters into a pre-complete bipedal state with absolutely no control. Displays moderately enhanced physical capabilities while in wolf form. No shape-shifting beyond this point and low regenerative abilities (minor to moderate wounds by 10-16 posts). Extremely weak against silver. Has to feed frequently.

Teen Stage:
Entering into the pre-mature stage usually at 10-17 years old after feeding on at least 50 humans. Werewolf has moderately enhanced physical capabilities while in human form and has the usual werewolf traits in human form. Can only transform during the night of a full moon. Can transform into a bipedal wolf state with some control. Can shape-shift into mist. Displays moderate superhuman physical capabilities while in werewolf form. Has low regenerative abilities (minor to moderate wounds by 8-12 posts) Extremely weak against silver. Has to feed frequently.

Adult Stage:
Entering into a mature stage usually at 19-72 years old after feeding on at least 300 humans. Werewolf has superhuman physical capabilities while in human form and most of the usual werewolf traits in human form are eradicated. Can transform at any time regardless of the presence of the moon or night. Can transform into a true giant wolf form with some control. Access to all shape-shifting abilities. Displays major superhuman physical capabilities while in werewolf form. Has moderate regenerative abilities (minor to major wounds by 4, 8, and 10 posts). Wek against silver. Has to feed fairly frequently.

Elder Stage:
The "Ultimate Lycanthrope" stage usually at over a century (100 years) old after feeding on at least 1000 humans. Werewolf has superhuman physical capabilities while in human form and all of the usual werewolf traits in human form are gone. Can transform at any time regardless of the presence of the moon or night. Can transform into all wolf forms with complete mastery and full control. Access to all shape-shifting abilities. Supernatural physical capabilities are displayed while in werewolf form. Has high regenerative abilities (minor to major wounds by 2, 4, 8 posts). Fairly weak against silver. Can live and maintain perfect health and powers for long periods of time (about 10 years) without feeding. This final werewolf stage is proof of the werewolf's skill for lasting so long and is said to be nigh invincible.

Race Abilities Werewolves are supernatural, demonic creatures that appears as a human but can turn into a beast wolf under a full moon. When the sun rises they revert into their human form with no memory of what happened. The Captain has the ability to to become a werewolf at will and has much power even while in human form. They are ageless beings (aging only up to their early 30s until they stop aging and retain youthful bodies) and possesses enhanced physical abilities such as super strength, stamina, endurance/durability, agility, senses, and reflexes. They can turn into a mist-like form to avoid damage and then turn back into physical form. The Captain's skin is harder than steel and his flesh is tough enough to be able to survive falls from great heights without damage. His strength is the most prominent, as a single blow from him would usually incapicitate humans and most demons. A werewolf's body is also heightened to the point that they are not affected by sickness, diesease, and poisons.

Weakness: A werewolf's primary weakness is silver. Silver burns the skin of a werewolf greatly that it forever remains as a scar. Silver can easily pierce through a werewolf's skin and flesh and they cannot heal from damage caused by silver. Once silver makes contact with a vital point of a werewolf, they will die. Other was to kill a werewolf would be to at least destroying more than 85% of their body.

Race Location N/A

Earth Country

Skill Specialty:
The Captain possesses immense superhuman abilities, even while in human form. This includes superhuman senses, strength (strong enough to bend steel bars, lift heavy/large objects, or shatter limbs with a single kick), speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, endurance, and has the ability to become a mist-like form (but needs to be in his physical forms to attack). His extremely resilient flesh can withstand razor sharp attacks and very strong impacts, such as being able to survive high falls without damage. He has a shape-shifting ability, agelessness, and nigh invulnerability (can shrug off large amounts of damage with litle effort). He has a regenerative ability in which he can quickly heal minor wounds (2 posts) to limb loss (eight posts). Brain/heart damage takes ten posts to heal but is not fatal.

Bipedal Form: The Captain's strength and acrobatic prowess increases greatly, as he can easily break solid concrete and rip right through humans with no trouble. His skin's hardness is also near diamond.

True Wolf Form: The Captain's strength, senses, and speed increases greatly that he can pretty much break through almost anything he wants. His very skin and flesh is also near impenetrable with probably the only thing that can seriously harm him being silver.

Name: Beast Trigger
Range: -
InfoA werewolf ability in which the werewolf can turn into two unique forms from their human form. One is a fearsome, humanoid, bipedal wolf form that is also a hybrid between man and half while the other is a giant true wolf form. While in their bipedal form they can only stay as such for fourteen posts. While in their complete wolf form, they can only stay as such for ten posts. After time's up or they just leave th stage, they either go back to their human form or their remaining wolf form. They can only transform to either of these forms once per battle topic.

Name: Mist
Range: -
Info A werewolf ability, they have the ability to transform into a mist-like form. While in this form, they can freely manuever and fly through the air while controlling their form. This allows them to avoid damage and they can also reconstruct their bodies if they were wounded while reverting back to their definite form. Only usable a maximum of four times per battle topic.



History/Background Story:
Born from two werewolf parents, "Hans" ,as was his real and birthname, is a natural, pureblood werewolf. He was a "Cub" part of a rather large pack and they migrated alot. At age 3, "he was capable of transforming into a wolf and killed his first prey, a human that angered Hans at the night of a full moon and ate him afterwards. He was informed the weaknesses and the "classes" of a werewolf by his parents so he could learn how to control his powers. Upon devouering several dozens of humans, slaughtering their animals, and training with his fellow clansmates, Hans became a "Youngling" and could shape-shift into mist and maintain control while transforming into his bipedal form. However, his entire clan was killed by hunters with the only survivor being him as the youngest member and so he had to live. At the mere age of 11, he would have to go on to fend for himself and be a true lone wolf. His powers gradually progressed as he devoured more human flesh and gained more experience. At age 20, he would grow up to be an "Adult Lycan" in which he can enter into his true giant wolf form and master his shape-shifting abilities. He entered a massive world war between demons and humans (fighting on the human side) up to the point where he ranked up to a Captain and would forever be known only as 'The Captain" as his silent nature reveals no other name. In this war, he fought other demons but not a single one of them was a werewolf. This led Hans to believe that he truly is one of the last werewolves and his heart engulfed by complete sorrow and loneliness. A decade later just before the war ended, Hans mastered the ability to transform into a wolf just by mere thought on daytime or just at times when there is no full moon without any notable hinderences in power. The war ended in favor of the humans. At age 50, he would fully develop all of his super-physical capabilities and be a full fledged werewolf. Traveling around the earth while maintaining the absolute control over his mouth that he has not said a word in over 40 years, Hans obtained an immense variety of knowledge and information on each existing race. Then at age 71, he encountered the first werewolf he has ever seen in 60 years. The werewolf's name is Grimber and he was still stuck at the "Youngling stage." But now aware that he is not the last werewolf, Hans nurtured the young pup for five years until powerful werewolf hunters appeared before Hans and killed Grimber while distracting Hans with heavy silver weaponry. Thoudh he succedded in avoiding damage, Hans did not kill a single one of the attackers. He gave Grimber a proper burial and then realized that he was better off on his own. Hans finally evolved into an "Elder Lycan" at age 107, in which he reached the final development stage of a werewolf and mastered his wolf transformation and all of his werewolf abilities. As one of the last capable ones of his kind, Hans no longer needed to feed often and could travel anywhere for long periods of time. At age 150, it turns out that his years of silence followed by having his vocal cords damaged recently when he was captured by humans, Hans is actually nearly mute rather than saying nothing at all. With his years of combat experience and dealing with countless hunters, Hans is a wanderer and honorary soldier who stalks the lands alone.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

My only goal is to destory the Senju Clan and unite my clan.
Then gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and become feared as the Dark Raven of Konoha.

Lighting Blade

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The Captain (Demon)
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