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 The Ultimate Illusion

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Egress Uchiha
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PostSubject: The Ultimate Illusion   Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:18 pm

Name: Demonic Illusion: Fantasy's Reality
Rank: S
Post Active: 8
Skill: Genjutsu
Range: Close-Long
Description: Magen: Mugen Shinjitsu is a high level Genjutsu technique created by Egress Uchiha. This advanced illusion can only be utilized by genjutsu-casting doujutsus. By looking at an opponent, Egress can confound their sense of sight, smell, and touch to a very powerful level. He can "alter" a part of their body (remembering that this dosen't actually happen but the opponent feels and sees that it does) to be made out of a different material. For example, if Egress can "change" the limbs (perferbly the arms) of a Jounin to, instead of skin and flesh, be made out of sand. This can also vary in paper, metal, stone, rubber, plastic, dead flesh, etc. The victim would see the change of material in the targeted limbs and even be able to smell the according scent of the material. But the most ultimate trait of this technique is that they can even feel the "new limb", its weights as if it is their own, and it texture. Egress can only effect two limbs but can effect up to three while in his Mangekyou form. This technique can be described as a more efficient immobolization-type genjutsu technique than Kasegui. If he chooses to have the victim's limbs to be made out of a weak material like paper or sand or even something useless like dead flesh, the effected limbs will be useless and the victim won't be able to move them nor "function" them, which is why it's a very efficient way to cause subdution and immobolization. But even so, the amount of pain that physical attacks targated at the limbs won't change. Egress cannot target the head. If Egress alters the arms, the victim cannot use their arms in any way nor perform handseals. If Egress alters their legs, the victim cannot use their legs in any way nor run, walk, or crawl. If Egress targets the chest, the opponent would have a hard and slower them turning. Each limb costs 10 CP to alter. Of course, genjutsu at this level cannot be dispelled by a Kai technique, but it can still be stopped by halting one's chakra flow by a High Jounin.

Mastery: No

My only goal is to destory the Senju Clan and unite my clan.
Then gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and become feared as the Dark Raven of Konoha.

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The Ultimate Illusion
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