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 The New Mangekyou Technique

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Egress Uchiha
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PostSubject: The New Mangekyou Technique   Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:19 pm

Name: Yami- Goddess of Death
Rank: S
Element: N/A
Skill: Doujutsu/Ocular Ninjutsu
Range: Close-Long
Description: Yami is a Mangekyou technique developed by Egress Uchiha. This technique utilizes the right Mangekyou eye. First, a huge black mist will appear around the enviroment or battle terrain Egress is in. Once that happens, Egress's visibility is reduced to 0-5%. This would hold true to the victim as well but Egress can still feel the victim's location as long as they're within this black mist. Then, six zombies would appear from at least around a five-meter radius away from the victim. These zombies are quite slow but have strong defensive bodies and possess dangerously powerful grips and strength. They will slowly close in on the victim where if one touches them, the zombie can quickly bind the victim and the rest can join in and bind the victim as well. Once the victim is grabbed by at least six zombies, they'll be completely binded as struggling only makes them more nervous. These zombies then release a reeking and unsettling scent that once all scents from all six zombies enters the victim's body, their sense of hearing would be nulled and temporarily destroyed (as long as they're inside this mist). Once that happens, they'll slowly devouer their flesh and tear their limbs apart. The victim would be eaten alive and once their body has been reduced to nothing but carnage and bones, their spirit becomes part of the mist and their appearance can appear on a zombie. However, if the victim destroys a zombie, Egress can simply create up to two more zombies from anywhere around the mist. However, for each two zombies that he creates, it will cost a 5 CP consumption. Since Egress will always know where the victim is, so would the zombies and the zombies do not attack Egress because to them, only they and the victim are inside the mist. These zombies can be easily destroyed by sword attacks that deals strong impacts and are followed by at least some murderous effort directed at their head, B-rank Ninjutsu, C-rank Taijutsu, or at least simple punches directed at their head or chest (except if they take this way- their sense of hearing would be destroyed). These zombies are immune to metal attacks (except large ones such as swords, maces, etc. excluding larger shurikens), explosives, genjutsu, and even barrier ninjutsu. These zombies are active as long as the victim is inside the mist, if they somehow leave the mist, the entire technique ends. Although this mist covers the entire battle area Egress and his opponent were fighting in, it can cover up to two kilometers for an additional 10 CP. Egress can cancel out this tech anytime he wants for -2% off his vision. Egress can only create up to twenty zombies inside the mist and he can also destroy them and re-materalize them from anywhere in the mist. These zombies possess abnormal strength but also possess keen senses of hearing and smelling. If Egress runs out of chakra while using Yami, not only would this technique end and his Sharingan turned off, he would immediately die. Besides the great chakra consumption costs and eye activation costs, Egress can "feel" the amount of pain of the attacks directed towards his zombies especially when they're destroyed. However, the actual damage would not affect him so he cannot die from the pain, although he might be dulled or distracted by the pain with enough chance for the opponent to land a killing attack on him which would not only kill Egress but also end Yami.

Mastery: Nope

Name: Shinigami - Death God
Rank: S
Element: N/A
Skill: Doujutsu/Ninjutsu
Range: Close-Long
Description: Shinigami is a Mangekyou technique unique to Egress Uchiha. This Ninjutsu technique utilizes both of Egress's Sharingan eyes. Egress can summon a spectral figure that would appear right in front of him appearing as a ghost-like substance. Soon, this figure would take up more shape and be seen as a hidden skeletal figure cloaked in a black robe with a hood covering head to ankle. This figure would also conjour forth an ancient scythe called the "Sengai" [Death Scythe]. The scythe as a long, curved blade attached to a near-unbreakable black pole, except this weapon is a supernatural item. Sengai, a regenerable weapon, possess the ability to numb and disable any limb and organ it pierces through that can last for several years. Sengai can cut through merely anything (except for chakra). Sengai can withstand nearly any kind of attack and the skeletal spectre can even spin Sengai in order to deflect attacks to various directions. The most dangerous aspect of Sengai is that if it even manages to cut through your head or upper area of your chest, your brain and heart would stop funcitoning nd you slowly die, becoming one of the victims of Death. Sengai can telekinetically fly back to the skeleton's hands whenever Egress wants it to. The cloaked figure itself would be nearly covered by the dark robes and is not only fast-moving but can also fly to various heights. This figure would follow whoever and whatever Egress wants to target, never disspearsing unless the target is dead, even if it means destroying anything within its way. Ultimately, victims are doomed against Sengai. The figure itself's overall appearance would not reveal itself or reveal what's behind that black hole inside the hood unless EGress wants it to or fourteen posts have past while this technique has been active. Although the figure is a skeleton, it would act as if it has a living mind and the bones it possess are virtually unbreakable and unbreachable to even the most devastating or adamantium-metal attacks. However, these bones would indeed be weak against other supernatural items, snapped and shattered by a combo of four S-rank attacks, and pierced by three S-rank Taijutsu comboes or two Taijutsu combos while in the 4th Gate of hachimon at least. If the skeleton is indeed destroyed, it can simply regenerate itself (would cost 6 CP though) in just two posts where it can re-attack again. This is when an opening and vulnerable spot is available on Egress where the chances of him suffering an enemy blow is quite high. It is excellent for defense purposes where Egress can hide behind the figure against enemy attacks as the cloak is the main defender. Because this figure lacks a mind, it cannot be affected by genjutsu. Sengai is only campatible with the figure as if the skeleton diminishes, so would Sengai. Egress can destroy the figure anytime he wants but it would cost him -2% off his vision. Also, 2 CP is constantly being consumed from Egress by the figure in order to keep it active. In addition to the chakra consumption costs and eye detoriation, Egress's life force is slowly being sucked by the figure to keep it active. For every ten posts this technique is active, it will subtract 4 years off of Egress's death point. Every time he regenerates the figure will immedaitely subtract an additional 3 years off his life. When Egress uses Shinigami when he still has over 100 CP, the figure would appear as a blue spectral figure where its body and defense would be much higher than that of the full Shinigami form, meaning it'd be indestructible. Once this happens, the blue spectre will erupt a blue sword known as Shouten no Tsurugi. Within that time, the spectre would immedaitely transform to its cloaked skeletal state and then sword would transform to Sengai. This figure must always stay within a 55 meter radius of Egress as if it surpasses that perimeter, it will instantly dispelled and Egress would need to reuse SHinigami again. There is a single weak spot within the spectral figure, except this method is quite dangerous and the chances of them getting hit by Sengai is extremely high. Opponents needs to aim a B-rank level attack on one of the figure's eyes and needs to aim a A-rank level attack on a joint around the figure's neck at the same time. The two attacks shall dislodge the head and Egress would have to regenerate it. Of course, if Egress lose all of his chakra the Shinigami technique would end but he can choose to use another energy source to prolong the technique... but it shall shorten his lifespan. He can choose to use his life force as the medium. For every four posts Shinigami is active while Egress is consuming his life force, it shall subtract 5 years off his lifespan. Egress can see whatever the figure see and vice versa, allowing them to switch through spectrums. Egress can also switch between Shinigami's spectral form and skeletal form for absolute defense and ultimate attack purposes. Since Sengai is the most powerfulest instrument of death, if it decipitates something or pierces one's heart, that victim would immediately die and would be unable to be reanimated or re-surface back to the Living World at any costs. Needless to say, because this technique requires life force, the longer Egress stays in this state, the more rapidly he ages throughout time. The Shinigami technique costs 20 CP to activate and +3 more Cp if Egress activates it again. This should not be used more tahn twice or more than twelve posts or if it does, Egress's speed and reflexes would be slowed down.

Shinigami's Spectre Appearance:

Shinigami's Full Appearance:

My only goal is to destory the Senju Clan and unite my clan.
Then gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and become feared as the Dark Raven of Konoha.

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The New Mangekyou Technique
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