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 The Betrayl

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PostSubject: The Betrayl   Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:30 pm

Haichu ran through the shade village and stopped lookin around. A dragonic ninja headed in the shade village on the run, why, because he betrayed kura so now she could be blind or paralized for her life. The damage was that she couldn't use any chakra so no regeneration, her demons can't help either and she was in a critical conditional, she had brain damage as part of her skull was cracked, she had a wounds close to her heart as her ribs were broken and she suffered from enternal bleeding. The shinobi was kept a watch on but kura always let him go knowing there was some good in him. However because of that kura let him do that to her to cause such pain. Haichu however wouldn't allow it and would track this traiter down even if it kills her.

Haichu ran and ten transformed into her wolf form (like hapeshiftibg like serious from harry potter) she then howled into the darkness where 9 other wolves appeared. "I filled you all in on what happened to kura, I want you to find that traitor so I can kill him! If anyone intereseres get rid of them!" haichu yelled as she started to trot then run full speed into the forest as the other wolves seperatrd and jumped off.
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The Betrayl
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