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 Black Platinum Mines

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PostSubject: Black Platinum Mines   Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:21 pm

There were wingbeats in the air signaling an arrival of newcomers. These newcomers however were none other than kura an the dragon society. They traveled a great distance just to come to the rock village. Why? Only because this village contained black platinum an element needed by dragons, without this element the dragons wouldn't be able to fly or breath fire.

As the dragons landed leaded by kura they made sure no one was around d because this was I truding but they needed this mineral. Kura sniffed the air then trotted to the mines as the others followed as they began to feast on the platinum. 5 members of the dragon society transformed into their human selves to load as muchn platinum on each other to take back to the village. They managed to take a lot however they would need to make more trips. Everyone was about done but there was people coming. They then hid in the cave as they could not have been seem.
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Black Platinum Mines
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